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Tara Reid

Tara Reid is an actress from the US. Tara’s most famous work was in the American Pie film series and her first role was in A Return to Salem’s Lot (1987). At the tender age of 11, she was already showing promise.

After a reasonably successful run in the 90s-early 00s, Tara quickly faded into obscurity. These days, she’s most notorious for her drunken antics, slurring through interviews, and appearing in trashy B-movies. To show you how unpopular she presently is we would like to point out that nowadays Tara only has 203k followers on Instagram.

As far as nude Tara Reid scenes and leaked pictures go, we have plenty to offer. This girl did not shy away from showing her beautiful body on camera when the role demanded it. Also, she’s not exactly known for being a good wholesome girl, so get ready to see loads and loads of slutty pics, including the legendary boob slip.

Tara’s topless photoshoot for Playboy

See through gallery

Tara Reid in bikini on the Miami Beach

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