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Pamela Anderson

A major sex symbol of the nineties, Pamela Anderson is always amazing to look at. The Ladysmith-born beauty did some amazing with Playboy in the 80s, before finally becoming a household name, thanks to her inspired performance as Casey Jean Parker on the hit TV series Baywatch.

After becoming a sensation both in the USA and all around the globe, Pamela appeared in such “exciting” flicks as Barb Wire and Raw Justice, both uninspired attempts at capitalizing on Anderson’s status as a sex symbol.

All throughout her career, Pam showed off her beautiful nude body. She was one of the first few celebrities to be involved with a sex tape scandal. If you haven’t seen it already, we really suggest you watch any Pamela Anderson leaked sex pictures right away (there are MULTIPLE leaks, actually). She’s crazy hot in all of them.

Pamela Anderson Topless on PlayBoy’s birthday party

Really HUGE Collection of Pam’s Nude PlayBoy shoots

Pamela Anderson exposing her big boobs in the front window of boutique in London

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