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Kim Basinger

Beautiful and talented, Kim Basinger is a legendary actress/model. She was born in Athens, Georgia on 12/08/1953. Kim’s career started with modeling before she became really REALLY popular in the 80s. Despite not really having memorable roles under her belt, Kim remains moderately well-liked even to this very day, which mostly has to do with her beauty and her willingness to get naked on the screen.

As far as the nude Kim Basinger scene go, our go-to examples are the scenes from 9½ Weeks and The Getaway. Kim does a great job of showing her butt, breasts, AND bush in both of these movies. You could also add I Am Here (GILF titties) and The Door in the Floor to the list of movies you can see Kim naked in. Check out our website to find all the latest and sexiest Kim Basinger pics from movies, social media, and the like.

Kim Basinger retro nude gallery

Nine and 1 half weeks

Sex scene from The Burning Plain movie

Kim Bessinger nude fuck video – The GetAway movie


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