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Denise Richards

Amazing model and awful actress, Denise Richards is a hottie that will make you go wild with lust. Her career started in the 90s, but it actually took Denise a long-ass time to enjoy any success. She had a really strong run in the late 90s, turning in semi-passable performances in such flicks as Starship Troopers, The World Is Not Enough, and Wild Things. After that, she pretty much disappeared.

Denise is famed for a) being sexy b) marrying Charlie Sheen (ew) c) bullying paparazzi d) appearing in trashy reality TV shows/straight-to-DVD movies. As far as nude Denise Richards scenes (screencaps) go, we got plenty to offer.

First off, there’s her iconic lesbian teasing session from Wild Things. She proudly demonstrates her boobs in that. Then we have lesser known movies such as A Girl Is A Gun and Cougars, Inc. Thanks to Richards being a fairly successful model, you can count on her posing naked in front of the camera for a photoshoot, as well.

Denise Richards posing absolutely nude for the PlayBoy’s camera

Threesome video with Denise Richards – The Wild Things movie

Stunning lesbians are kissing in the pool (Denise Richards and Neve Campbell)

Sexscene from Cougars INC (2001)

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